Learning Development


Learning Development aims to build on the school philosophy of developing the potential of each and every individual pupil, as stated in the Mission Statement. More specifically, to help develop the learning skills of pupils who may find the rigours of academic life a challenge. The role of Learning Development is to support any pupil in a meaningful way; to maximise their enjoyment and progression through Senior School and into life beyond.

The approach is ALWAYS child-centred, starting with what the child CAN do, not what they can’t. Learning Development should enable the student to then bridge any gaps, build an understanding of their own learning skills and learn to work with these in the most effective way.

A variety of diagnostic assessments are used to identify pupils with a potential learning difficulty. Summative assessment of the efficiency of the Department can be nebulous; tracking the progress of an identified individual pupil by the usual means in school reveals a degree of success.  The major aim is to support the pupil to achieve their own potential, be pleased with their own achievements, and know how to make independent progress.


The Learning Development department consists of a bright and comfortable classroom/office. The Head of Department is a specialist teacher and works with pupils in small groups and individually to support their academic and emotional needs. There is a selection of teaching resources such as specialist books, electronic spellcheckers, unabridged audiobooks, co-ordination and word building games and puzzle books.

What we do:

The Learning Development department encourages pupils to develop their individual learning profile and provides pupils with strategies to aid learning, often subject-specific and tailored to the individual. The Learning Development department develops pupils’ confidence and independence, motivating pupils to produce their best work, providing support with study skills, advanced reading techniques, spelling and organisational skills.


These are achieved by:

  • A SEND policy which reflects good practice
  • Creating a positive, helpful Learning Development department
  • Implementing procedures for staff to follow
  • Identifying pupils with concerns
  • Remediating learning difficulties with appropriate support by devising individual or group programmes
  • Liaising with external agencies as necessary
  • Advising and supporting staff
  • Advising and supporting parents
  • Ensuring the pupil is always fully informed and supported
  • Ensuring that the necessary access arrangements are made for examinations


Head of Learning Development: Mrs D J Pittaway (BA Hons, PCGE, PGDip, AMBDA)               
  Mrs L M Roote (BSc, MSc, PGDip, PGCert, AMBDA, PGCE)


For further information, please contact Mrs D Pittaway, Head of Learning Developmentpittawayd@khviii.net

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