The Physics Department loves Physics, and we love teaching Physics. We prepare students for examinations at every level, but we also seek to inspire young people to take a wider interest in Physics and its applications. Experimental work underpins the teaching and learning in the department, and we seek to build skills and develop curiosity in those we teach. Each year Physicists of the Year in Years 11 and 12 are invited to Warwick University.


There are five spacious and well equipped Physics Laboratories. Two are devoted primarily to Sixth Form teaching whilst the other three serve Years 7 to 11. One laboratory includes thirteen desktop computers, allowing students to research information and use their ICT skills to support their learning in Physics.

What we do:​

The Physics Department encourages children to study Physics as a subject in its own right. In every year group Physics is taught by physicists. We offer Edexcel IGCSE Physics and AQA Advanced Level Physics. Lessons are interactive at all levels and include practical work, project work and teacher demonstrations. Further enrichment is provided by books, a wide collection of video clips, and the ICT resources within the department. We have a fine telescope so often teachers can be found in the playground at 8.00 am on January mornings offering detailed views of the moon. During the eclipse of March 2015, we coordinated the observations of the moon as it passed in front of the sun.


Head of Physics: Dr M Cuthbert
Teaching Staff:

Mr M Blake, Dr H Buttrick, 
Mr R Harrington, Dr D Hayton

Physics Technician: Miss D Morse


The Physics Department runs an annual trip to Geneva to visit CERN. We also take Year 11 students to Alton Towers to study Physics in action and a Year 12 student recently won a competition through the University of Warwick to join an all-expenses paid trip to Grenoble.
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