We believe that school is a preparation for life. As such, we expect pupils to take pride in their personal appearance and to represent the school well in public. Uniform is also worn so that there is a sense of shared identity and in order that pupils look the same regardless of their background.

On the right hand side of this page you will find a Uniform list for boys and girls in Years 7 to 11. In the Sixth Form students have a dress code which allows for greater personal choice but which still fits within the stated guidelines.

We are delighted to have a high quality school shop, Number 57 Schoolwear, which is local to the school and which stocks all the compulsory uniform as well as a wide range of useful educational supplies and sports equipment.

Many parents are anxious about the cost of school uniform and what items they will need to buy. We urge parents to speak to staff at Number 57 Schoolwear before buying uniform. We keep our uniform costs as low as possible and change the uniform only when necessary.

The Parents’ Association organise second hand uniform sales each term which allow parents to buy and sell uniform at discounted prices.

We strongly recommend that every item of uniform or equipment that comes into school is clearly and permanently labelled with the owner’s name.

Queries about uniform should be addressed to the Manager of Number 57 Schoolwear, Mrs Helen Zgraja, or to Mr Dearden, Deputy Head.

Number 57 Schoolwear
57 Barkers Butts Lane

Manageress: Mrs. Helen Zgraja
Telephone: 02476 597876
Email: sales@number57schoolwear.co.uk

Number 57 Schoolwear Website

Sixth Form Dress Code

Burlington Suits for Sixth Formers
For enquiries telephone: 08707 300150

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